Medical Illustrations

Medical Illustrations 101 : A Detailed Introduction

What is a medical illustration? Medical Illustrations are drawings of medical subjects (biological and anatomical related subjects) in order to support the learning process and the dissemination of medical knowledge. What is the history of medical illustrations? Medical Illustrations have been used for a long time, since people started to show interest for the human body[…] Illustrator Services

Medical Illustrator Services – What We Offer

Our medical illustrator services include artwork for PowerPoint, video, and internet distribution, created in a large variety of media, ranging from digital art and Flash animations, to Rhino, Cinema 4D, 3DStudio Max and Aftereffects. Our goal is to serve our customers with efficient, elaborate, affordable and always-on-time animation work. Our target market includes textbooks, awareness[…]

Medical Illustration Services – Delivering Premium Quality

The main philosophy underlying our approach to delivering premium quality medical illustration services , is the famous saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. For decades, physicians and healthcare professors have been showcasing medical procedures with slide presentations and figure drawings. With our medical illustration services, educators, doctors, healthcare providers, scientists and researchers are using[…]

Medical Illustration Knowledge

Medical Illustration Knowledge Sources

One of the best ways to conquer the needed medical illustration knowledge and skills to become a professional in medical illustration today is to follow a graduate-level program, specifically designed around medical illustration. Medical Illustration Knowledge Sources : Medical illustrations are essential in numerous circumstances in order to explain new techniques in surgery, targeting both[…]

Medical Illustration

Multiple Uses of Medical Illustration

Today, modern technology in the field of computer imaging creates unlimited possibilities, where visualization is essential in comprehending. Events that take place at the sub-cellular level, in a scale too small even for the most powerful microscopes, can now be visualized through computer animations. The need for higher levels of health literacy, where patients are[…]

Medical Illustrator

Understanding the Medical Illustrator and Animator

Medical illustration / medical illustrator is a unique discipline that belongs to the applied arts and consists of medical illustration specialists and animators. It is a branch of the overarching biomedical communication field. What is a Medical Illustrator and Animator? Medical illustrators are professional artists specially trained and educated in medicine, science, design, art, media[…]

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