April 3, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


About Medical Illustration Services

How does the medical illustration process work?

Following steps will be the part of medical illustration process:

  1. Provide Your Medical Illustration Request: For Medical Illustrations (share images/ pictures or hand drawn sketches or screenshots or technical drawings or video or anything from which, we can understand it properly.). Also, other project relevant information like required output format files.
  2. Our Medical Illustrators at Work: Once the project is confirmed; our medical illustration expert team (leading by a project manager) will start working on your medical illustration request. Experts with latest designing software will design your medical illustration according to your preferences / choices.
  3. Unlimited Revisions, If Required: Accordingly, our team will finalized the medical illustrations and deliver to you. In case, if you still require further modifications, we will provide you unlimited revisions till you get 100% satisfaction with the final outcomes.
  4. Receive Your Illustrations in 1-5 Days: We will deliver your medical illustrations in 1-5 business days. We can turnaround your rush medical illustration requests on the same day as we have Super Fast (1 Day) & Fast (2 Days) delivery options.

Will you assign me a dedicated project manager?

Yes, We will assign a dedicated project manager for your project.

What way “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”?

We guarantee you will love your medical illustrations, or our illustration team will make them right as revision process is highly iterative and collaborative (With Unlimited Revisions Support).

How are you so affordable?

It’s simple. Our well – established customized processes, bulk amount orders and operational set-up in India allows us to keep our operating costs low and we love to share these savings on as an added advantage to our clients.

Why should I use The Medical Illustration Company?

With HIGH QUALITY & CREATIVE medical illustrations, we have served 1100+ Happy Doctors & Medical Researchers and delivered them out-of-the-box illustrations. Our Experienced & Highly Talented Illustration team is always committed to deliver PREMIUM QUALITY medical drawings with dedicated UNLIMITED REVISIONS support. Our extremely AFFORDABLE pricing & customer`s custom requirement specific packages always make sure that price is never an issue. In addition, our experienced team, well – established customized processes, bulk amount orders and operational set-up in India allows us to keep our operating costs low and we LOVE to share these savings on as an ADDED ADVANTAGE to our customers.

  • HIGHLY CREATIVE & UNIQUE (Our Illustrators do Brainstorm to make High Quality & Creative Drawings.)
  • WITH LATEST SOFTWARES (Always Updated with Latest Softwares like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & More.)
  • UNBEATABLE PRICE (Extremely Affordable with Fixed Price. With “Pay for Exact What You Want” Policy.)
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE (We Guarantee You will Love Your Illustrations with Unlimited Revisions.)

What purposes your medical illustrations can serve?

You can use illustrations for online journals, medical instruments, medical tests, anatomical illustrations, medical procedure, medical book illustrations, e-books, medical blog/websites, medical apps, medical flyers/brochures (or wherever it is required).

Who are medical illustrators? What education qualification they have?

Our illustration team is staffed with medical experts (an ideal combination of medical graduates & designer artists) who thoroughly understand various medical sciences like anatomy, physiology, microbiology, body skeleton, chemistry, and other natural sciences.


About Orders (Purchasing Packages / Services)

Can I change or cancel my order?

Changes or cancellations to an already placed order can be done in two ways:

  1. By sending a note in response to the order confirmation email.
  2. By calling our customer services helpline at +91-704 287 7525.

While we will make every attempt to change your order, additional charges may apply if work on the request has begun or if the scope changes significantly. Therefore, please make changes as soon as you can.

Can I check my order status?

Yes. You can view your order status on the My Account page.


About Payments & Discounts

What payment methods can I use?

We accept valid credit / debit cards or PayPal account based payments. You can pay with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card) if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Are my payment details secure?

Absolutely. We take payments only through PayPal which is considered as one of the most trusted payment gateway.

How to apply a coupon code?

Once you add an item to your cart, click Apply coupon code above Cart totals. Enter the coupon code and click Apply Coupon. In case if you have forgotten to apply coupon in “Cart”, you can apply it in next step i.e. “Check Out”. The coupon discount will adjust your order total.

Where I can get updates about Discounts & Offers?

You can get updates about ongoing discounts & offers by visiting this “Discounts & Offers” page. Further, you can stay updated with ongoing & upcoming special discounts & offers by receiving emails.


About Troubleshooting

Why can`t I login to My Account though I recently registered?

It is possible that you have: Entered an incorrect user ID or password. (If you have forgotten your password, go to page “My Account” and reset your password by clicking on “Lost your password?”)

Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, go to page “My Account” and reset your password by clicking on “Lost your password?”. Enter your registered email address and “Password Reset Instructions” will be sent to your entered/registered email address.

Why is my credit card being rejected?

There are a few possible reasons for a credit card not being accepted:

  1. You have entered incorrect card number, expiry date or CVC code.
  2. The card has expired.
  3. You have reached or exceeded your credit limit.
  4. You have exceeded your daily charge limit.
  5. A computer at either end of the transaction is facing temporary technical problems.
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