Scientific Illustration Benefits in Today`s Digital World

Scientific Illustration Benefits in Today`s Digital World: There are many who question whether scientific illustration is still relevant given that we now have digital photography. Since the average smartphone has a powerful camera capable of taking fantastic photos those opposed to scientific illustrations argue that hiring an illustrator seems pointless. In fact, in the United[…]


Medical Illustrations Importance

Medical Illustrations Importance: The main reason why we have Medical illustration is to create artwork to dissects and explain anatomy, surgical procedures, the level and progression of a particular disease, or the effects of medicine on a disease, which is meant to teach and to inform. As knowledge is our most noteworthy quality, medical illustration[…]

Artistic illustrations to medical and scientific communities

The Medical Illustration Company has been providing artistic illustrations to medical and scientific communities. What we do at TMIC is to help simplify your communication goals, through the use of illustrations and sketches. We combine pencil and digital art to create enthralling imagery, used for varied purposes. You can check out some of our sample work[…]

Astonishing scientific illustrations

The best way to illustrate the story and tell it in a good way is to understand the science of it. Our scientific illustrators will work collaboratively with you to create an accurate and astonishing scientific illustrations. Furthermore, we provide clients will artworks and illustrative images which can be used as promotional materials, presentations, booth panels,[…]

Compelling Medical Illustrations

We are passionate about medicine and art, and this has made us enthusiastic about compelling medical illustrations. We have been consistently providing clients with quality and compelling 2D and 3D visuals for so many years now. We take pride in our speedy delivery, attention to details, and our ability to deliver quality service no matter how[…]

Medical illustrators expertise in surgical fields

Medical illustrators expertise in surgical fields – The Medical Illustration Company is a creative agency, with the goal of creating compelling and educative imagery. We have in our team, professional surgical illustrators with over 15 years of experience in creating quality illustrations used in clarifying biomedical concepts, promoting medical advances and surgical procedures. Our designers hold[…]

Medical illustration agency with years of experience

Our goal as a medical illustration agency with several years of experience in visual arts and medical science, is to create attention grabbing graphics for our clients, combining our knowledge of science and visuals in creating simplified communication solutions. We simply communication solutions by dissecting and translating difficult to understand concepts in such a way that[…]

Illustrations for molecular and cellular subjects

To understand visual science, one needs to first have good insight and imagination, keen sense of scientific integrity and aesthetics, as well as good eyes for design. We have expertise in developing 2D and 3D illustrations, ideal for teaching molecular and cellular subjects, useful to pharmaceutical companies, medical agencies and medical publishers. We are skilled[…]

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