Scientific Illustration Benefits in Today`s Digital World

Scientific Illustration Benefits in Today`s Digital World: There are many who question whether scientific illustration is still relevant given that we now have digital photography. Since the average smartphone has a powerful camera capable of taking fantastic photos those opposed to scientific illustrations argue that hiring an illustrator seems pointless. In fact, in the United[…]

High quality digital medical illustrations

High quality digital medical illustrations – The Medical Illustration Company (TMIC) is a creative agency, with expertise in creating high quality digital illustrations and animations used by clients in pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotech fields. We offer a broad range of illustration services, with our clients being biotech companies, law firms, publishers, pharmaceutical companies and lots more. We[…]

Medical Illustration Services – Delivering Premium Quality

The main philosophy underlying our approach to delivering premium quality medical illustration services , is the famous saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. For decades, physicians and healthcare professors have been showcasing medical procedures with slide presentations and figure drawings. With our medical illustration services, educators, doctors, healthcare providers, scientists and researchers are using[…]

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