Illustrations for scientific innovations

One single picture can speak volumes –don’t you agree? At The Medical Illustration Company, we excel at telling stories of scientific innovations on behalf of ad agencies and biotech companies. We know what it takes to illustrate scientific content into simple messages that can be understood easily be anyone. We make difficult to communicate messages, simple.

What we do at The Medical Illustration Company is to create visual content, whether technical or non-technical that your audience can easily understand.

We create visuals that speak volumes of your company brand. We are committed to creating quality visuals that guarantee high return on your investment.

We have in our team professional scientific illustrators who have the expertise to translate complex content into simplified illustrations which can be used for marketing, training and sales campaigns.

Our illustrations can also be used for the following purposes:

  • Trade shows
  • Public relations and publications
  • Technical trainings
  • Presentations, print, and product launch

Feel free to reach us today and we will provide you with custom illustrations.

Illustrations for scientific innovations

Medical Illustration Services

Medical Illustration Services

Medical Illustration Service

scientific innovations – Esteem Stream Mapping, alluded to at Toyota as material and data stream mapping , depends on the central guideline of Lean Manufacturing, and has been utilized as a part of a few associations as a capable device to distinguish and decrease squander, and to assistance to outline generation frameworks joining the incline idea. It is a generally straightforward instrument and has been generally connected to forms needing execution change. This instrument represents material and data streams over the element by concentrating on creation exercises, working in reverse from the substance’s transportation dock to the element’s receipt of materials. Through esteem stream mapping a typical arrangement of devices, measurements and dialect is delivered, encouraging frameworks investigation and basic leadership. The procedure of building up the esteem stream delineate comprehension the item, material and data streams, esteem stream measurements and the collaboration of procedures conceivable. It is a major picture perspective of the framework and plans to enhance the entire esteem stream and not simply to improve parts of the esteem. Thus, esteem stream mapping can be utilized as a guide that uncovers the obstructions to consistent stream and the open doors for diminishing waste using other incline methods. As it clarifies how incline procedures can decrease squander in the esteem stream, it is referred to fundamentally as a specialized instrument. Be that as it may, it is likewise utilized as a key arranging instrument, and a change administration apparatus. After some time, the most straightforward inventory network will start to change. New elements or potentially streams, for example, providers, end-clients, and parts or materials, can be included or prohibited as changes that are not some portion of unique arranging. It can be viewed as the beginning stage to enhancing production network administration, expanding both productivity and cost saving endeavors, permitting the ID of spots where likely cost reserve funds can be made due, to be specific, to overabundance or rare inventories, wasteful procedures, pointless activities, sped up shipments, lost perceivability, and right them.

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