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The Medical Illustration Company – Drawing Health Press Release – October 25, 2016: The Medical Illustration Company (TMIC) has announced a wide range of medical and scientific illustrations services on website. The company offers all kinds of drawings and illustration services to the doctors, medical practitioners and graduates from all over the world. The services[…]

Best Medical Illustration Company

Best Medical Illustration Company : With latest software and technologies, our medical illustration team (an ideal combination of medical graduates & designer artists) is always committed to deliver creative and detailed best medical illustration services. Best Medical Illustration Company at Unbeatable Price. He along these lines gave a much more extensive space to the stroll round[…]

Press Release : The Medical Illustration Company Presents Top Notch Medical Illustration Service

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (July 03, 2016) –The Medical Illustration Company offers reliable and customizable illustration services for clients within the medical industry. Medical illustration service is regularly used by medical firms, doctors and medical researchers who make use of these illustrations in their websites and medical chambers. These illustrations not only help doctors to explain to patients the[…]